Invent: Health is a podcast about the future of health and technology, hosted by TTP Consultant, Matthew Parker.

Each episode, we’ll be joined by the top scientists, designers, business leaders, and academics working at the vanguard of this vital industry, to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the world of health tech.

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Latest Episodes

The Power of Big Data

Over the course of this season, one thing has kept coming up across all the episodes - the power of big data in health tech. From its uses in the current AI revolution...

Rapid Innovation: Reducing Time from Idea to Impact

Speed is not normally something you would associate with the highly regulated world of health tech. “Rapid” time frames tend to be in the space of 3-5 years. But the C...

Cardiac Health: Prevention or Intervention?

There’s a multitude of ways to treat Cardiac issues, and it’s about more than just health tech. While technologies that intervene after a cardiac event has taken place...

Designing for Trust: How to Create Trust in Health Tech

Trust in healthcare is one of the highest for any industry, but it’s a different story for the technology sector. People will inherently trust their doctor, but social...

Imaging Technologies: Smaller, Cheaper, Better?

Medical imaging technologies have long been dominated by big, expensive machines that take up their own room within hospitals. The level of detail they can give is ext...

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